DatecĀ can act as your Computer Networking Consultant

DatecĀ provides Network Computer consultant services, such as:Ā Router configurationĀ and implementation,Ā Data Switch ConfigurationĀ and implementation,Ā server configurationĀ and implementation,Ā Network troubleshooting, Baselining services,Ā data backup and recovery, point to point wireless, and point to multipoint wireless.

DeterĀ also provides completeĀ Computer Networking Services for your Data Center Consolidation:

  • Data Center review and consolidation
  • Network Server or Computer upgrades
  • Fiber Optics installation inside or outside
  • Standard cable installation
  • Telecommunication installations &Ā upgrades

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With trends in the IT industry changing everyday it is important to build a good foundation for our applications and services to run on.

The routing and switching product domain is a perfect example of this. High-speed routing and switching allows our computers and network systems to communicate faster.

This in turn allows our users to access more information at faster data rates allowing them to be more productive.

Datec has highly trained and certified professionals to assist you with the design, installation, operation and maintenance of large enterprise network deployments and we are proficient in many routing and switching vender implementations like Cisco, HP, MikroTIK and many more.

As our users bring more and more devices into the enterprise like smartphones, tablets and laptops the need for secure, high-speed wireless connectivity becomes a challenge the business must address.

Datec has both small to medium business wireless solutions and enterprise and service provider wireless solutions to chose from.

These can be implemented for customers to allow them to service their corporate users and guests. We provide point to point (PTP) and point to multi-point (PTmP) solutions for our customers that would like to join offices in close proximity.

We can also setup hotspot solutions for hotels and restaurants that would like to on sell their Internet to their customers to gain a competitive edge.

In addition to IT security we are also capable of assisting you with your network security.

This includes the physical security of your equipment via CCTV and card access systems and the cyber security of your network devices and computer systems.

We can assist your business with the development of security and acceptable use policies for your organization to protect itself from user abuse.

With these systems in place you can be assured of your data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Datec has highly trained networking engineers that can assist your business with network infrastructure design, implementation, operation and optimization of your current network infrastructure.

We can assist your IT team with managing and implementing projects that will help the business achieve its goals. Our professional services engineers are available to assist with a managed services contract based on a support level agreement (SLA) or with ad-hoc service requests based on the availability of our engineering team.

Sign a managed services contract now to protect your business and to ensure that your problems are resolved within the best SLA times available in Papua New Guinea.